As with most sports, the best time to learn is when you’re young. And you’ll have plenty of opportunity to pick up the basics and advanced moves at Sharks Ice at Fremont. We have a team of highly qualified instructors who coach on-ice practices and lessons. Groups are separated based on age and ability.

Pre Hockey Class

This is a beginner level course (ages 3-6) where your son or daughter will learn the basic skating techniques used in hockey. This is a course that is given WITHOUT hockey equipment and WITHOUT the use of a stick and puck. Must have the basic skills of skating prior to taking this course. (Ability to stand and skate without the use of buckets) 

Youth Hockey Lessons 1, 2 &3:

Friday 6:00pm-6:45pm:
This class is intended for children with limited experience on the ice. It will cover basic skills of skating, stickhandling, and passing. You advance at the level that best suits your skills. 


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