Registration Process

Once the registration is open, you will be able to purchase Gretzky Hour slots that are currently available. 

Customers with valid GRETZKY HOUR MEMBERSHIP PASSES will be able to use your passes to register. However, please note that if you sign up for more Gretzky Hours than the number of passes that you have left on your account, you will be removed from the activities with the furthest start date to match the number of passes available.

To view the number of passes you have available, please go to ‘My Account’ -> ‘Account History’. To add more passes, please go to ‘Memberships/Tickets’ tab up top and purchase a FRE GRETZKY HOUR PASS.

Lastly, the Gretzky Hour schedule will be updated on a weekly basis. Please continue to actively monitor our website for any changes. We look forward to seeing you back on the ice!

Gretzky Hour Schedule