Sharks Ice is excited to re-engage our Female Hockey community! Please complete this SURVEY to help our team craft an experience for you. 

SIAHL Women's Hockey League

Sharks Ice is excited to host the SIAHL Women's League in Fremont. The league will take place on Friday nights and will be geared towards intermediate and beginner level women hockey players with some playing experience. This is an early step in the Sharks goal to continue to grow women's hockey in the Bay Area; and give women another league they can participate in a fun, safe and competitive environment. 

The League will consist of 12 ice sessions (1 evaluation and 11 game slots). The first skate will be an evaluation skate and then players will be divided by League Management into 4 equal teams.*

For more information including how to register please read through the League Details below.

*Until we have enough players for 4 teams, we will run a 30 minute practice and warm-up session, followed by a 1.25 hour game/scrimmage. Firstly, teams will be divided up randomly to create games and after a few weeks a formal game format will be established and incorporate officials and scorekeepers.


The Women's Adult League will play on Friday nights in Fremont at either 9:15 or 10:45pm

In an event of a conflict there may be an alternate night game scheduled in advance. A full season schedule will be released after the completion of the evaluation skate.

We  currently plan on holding 3 seasons. Fall, Winter, and then Spring/Summer season

Each season is priced accordingly; please consult the current season flyer for more information.

Team Assignments

Teams in the Women's League are created by League Management. The first skate will be an evaluation skate where there is a light-hearted “Mixer/Evaluation Skate” where new players are evaluated. This is not a try-out but simply a means to create the best equity for all teams. It is possible that if we feel a player is not ready to compete at this level we may find another option for them to participate.

Generally, the teams will consist of 1 goalie and 15 skaters. The League will distribute a colored jersey to all paid players prior to the first scheduled game. Five days after the evaluation skate team assignments will be displayed online via the “team assignments” on the links below. We may solicit input of players actively involved in other women's leagues and organizations.

Skill Level

The League is geared towards Intermediate and Beginners who have some playing experience. It is not currently designed as an introductory to hockey league, but we look forward to introducing more levels. If there are a few stronger players, we will place them on separate teams to ensure equality and fun play for all involved.


All registration for the Women's League should be done via our online registration and payment system. Please consult the current season flyer below, for exact registration information. It gives a point by point procedural policy for registration. Goalies should consult the league manager prior to registration as these spots are usually filled. No one under any circumstance can participate in the Women's League play until full payment is made and recorded by the League. All players must have USA Hockey numbers/insurance (available through USA Hockey) and SIAHL Online Waiver (see below).


All games will consist of a 4 minute warm-up and 3-15 minute stop time periods. In the event of a tie there will be a 3 player shootout. 

As we approach the first game we will formalize the league rules in our SIAHL Rules and Regulations Page.

Please read the SIAHL Rules and Regulations  for Women's Leagues specific game formats and equipment requirements.